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Canadian Family Owned and Operated

ReaLocation is your one-stop shopping experience with an expert relocation counsellor to guide you every step of the way. We are Canadian Family Owned and Operated - support your local economy when you use us!

Have you ever had to relocate before? Whether you are moving yourself or uprooting your whole family, it's a long process with a lot of decisions and different people to involve...suppliers need to be arranged and dates need to line up. ReaLocation is committed to understanding this stressful time and our experts are here to make sure it is a smooth transition.

ReaLocation is a relocation management program with extensive experience in the areas of home sale, home purchase and moving services, as well as other relocation services. We have many years of experience working with major corporations at the executive level. Our network of providers will be happy to work with you and will provide you with cash incentives when you use our network of realtors.

Thousands of people relocate to a new city, province, or country every year,and there are many reasons why people choose to sell and buy homes. Regardless of the reason for moving, you need to manage and arrange everything on your own. Whether you are relocating for employment, starting a new business, retiring or just wanting a change of scenery, having access to a no-cost relocation service puts you in the same league as corporate executives.

Your 'To Do' list when it comes to relocating is a long one. There are realtors and household movers to screen and evaluate, neighbourhoods to research, mortgages to arrange, legal services to complete transactions, building inspectors to select. How do you know if you are selecting the right service provider or what is the right price to pay for any of these services? What buying power do you have on your own? What price do you list your home for and what price should you accept?

The relocation counsellor at ReaLocation recognizes there is a need to help individuals or families on the move who do not have the benefit of a corporation to assist them. Moving is one of the most difficult things you'll ever do. ReaLocation provides all the services you need to move to your new location while minimizing the stress and disruption of your life during the process.

ReaLocation is a program of TransferEase Relocation Inc. TransferEase has been in the Canadian Corporate Relocation Market for nearly 20 years, providing service to corporate executives, government employees and their families. We are Canadian family owned and operated. We specialize in Canadian domestic relocation, and cross-border relocation between Canada and the United States.

How Our Service Works:
The Counsellor will help you choose and manage your Realtor and any other supplier that you need for your relocation. We will also pass along any volume discounts that are available to us because of the amount of business we do with them.

How Our Service Works

We believe that the best relocation is one managed by an expert. We believe that one-stop-shopping is much less stressful than trying to juggle all of the required service providers alone. Let one of our counsellors do the legwork for you, and enjoy the least stressful relocation you've ever had.

Our counselling services are free to you. We get paid by referral fees from the Real Estate Commission that you already pay when you sell a home, or from what the Seller pays when you buy a home. We operate at Market Rates for Real Estate Commission, no premiums to absorb our fees. Want to know what the market rate is in your area? Ask our counsellor today.

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