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Welcome to's first time home buyer program, your one-stop resource for everything you need to buy your first home, including assistance with the government incentive programs, Cash Reward purchase assistance and discounts with relevant suppliers - all coordinated through a professional relocation counsellor who guides you every step of the way.

How the counsellor helps you:
  • Helps with Government Programs
    Helps to understand the government incentives and what you qualify for - Don't miss out on land transfer tax rebates or other government incentives
  • Finds You a Great Realtor
    Helps you to choose a realtor, or helps to manage a realtor of your choice.
  • Cost of Living Analysis
    Will do a cost of living analysis for you to compare your origin and destination areas.
  • Prepares a Budget
    Can also prepare a budget for your relocation so that you know all of the costs up front. We do this for our corporate clients to ensure there are no surprises down the road.
  • Provides Destination Information
    Provides a package with general destination information, utilities, and emergency contact info. The counsellor can co-ordinate an orientation tour with your Realtor.
  • Finds Suppliers and Discounts
    Sources any other suppliers that you might need in the relocation process and negotiates rates on your behalf. We do lots of volume with these suppliers so we tend to get better rates.
  • Cash Rebate
    Provides a cash reward at the end of the relocation. Again, it's our way of saying "THANK-YOU."
  • How Our Service Works:
    The Counsellor will help you choose and manage your Realtor and any other supplier that you need for your relocation. We will also pass along any volume discounts that are available to us because of the amount of business we do with them.
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