Cost of Living Analysis / Budget

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What is a Cost of Living Analysis?

It's a report that compares the cost of living between your origin and prospective destination areas. It can help to understand how your life will be financially impacted by your relocation. This is important information to have prior to making the decision to move, and it can help you choose a destination that won’t be too expensive for you.

Sample Cost of Living Analysis:
- COLA for Homeowners / Page 2
- COLA for Renters

How the counsellor can help you:
The counsellor can not only create the report for you, but can also suggest alternative destinations that are close in proximity to your desired destination with different (sometimes lower) costs of living.

This service is included for those who sell and purchase a home with us. There is a fee for this service as a stand-alone.

Budget Preparation

Would you like to see an estimate of all the costs for your relocation up front, including real estate, legal, moving and all other professional fees that you may need? We can prepare a budget for you.

How the counsellor can help you:
The counsellor can prepare the budget for you, and offer suggestions for cost savings

Sample Budget:
- Budget (at time of estimate)
- Completed Budget

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