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How does the counsellor help You?
  • Helps you to choose a Realtor
    Helps you to choose a great realtor, or helps to manage a realtor of your choice, contact ReaLocation before you contact a realtor.
  • Prepares a budget
    Prepares a budget for your relocation so that you know all of the costs up front. We do this for our corporate clients to ensure there are no surprises down the road.
  • Helps with sales strategy and paperwork
    Provides an objective analysis of the marketing strategy, list price, and any offers that come in to be sure you get the best possible outcome. In most negotiations, someone gets a better deal...we make sure that it's you.
  • Find Suppliers and Discounts
    Sources any other suppliers that you might need in the relocation process and negotiates rates on your behalf. We do lots of volume with these suppliers so we tend to get better rates that we pass along to you.
  • Cash Rebate
    Provides a cash reward at the end of the relocation. This is our way of saying "THANK YOU."

This service offers you an alternative to selling your home with the help of our expertise from people that sell homes every day, all over of the country.

Our program is meant to take the guess work out of choosing a realtor, our realtors are selected based on service and success. You will work with a professional counsellor who will match you with a realtor that knows your area and has a proven service record. Our company has over 20 years of real estate expertise across Canada and our network is comprised of realtors from all of the major realty companies as well as the smaller independent ones.

Our selection is based on their presence in your area and to those realtors that adhere to our strict service requirements.

Your counsellor will ensure the realtor provides you with a detailed analysis of your home. This report will provide information on who you are competing with, recent sales in the area, and also a forecast of where the market is headed so that you can plan accordingly. Your counsellor will work in conjunction with you and the realtor to review the market report, create a strong marketing strategy and ensure your home is promoted to the greatest number of buyers. You will be counselled on how to strategically price your home as well as other essential tips which get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.

When you get an offer on your home your counsellor will assist you with the offer negotiations to ensure you get the best price. The counsellor will also follow up with the realtor to ensure all conditions are met and paperwork submitted. We are here to assist you throughout the sale until the transaction closes.

Our counsellor's services are free to you. We get paid by referral fees from the real estate commission that you already pay when you sell a home. We operate at market rates for real estate commission, there are no premiums to absorb our fees. Want to know what the market rate is in your area? Ask our counsellor today.

  • Access to over 20 years of real-estate management experience.
  • A nationwide network of realtors chosen based on results.
  • A non commission paid counsellor who is with you every step of the way.
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